Greggs farmers and method of soil erosion

edited November 2018 in Land Control

The mountainous country side of St Vincent and the Grenadines in villages such as Greggs, Richland Park, Lowmans, Diamond Village, Mespotamia, Lauders Vermont and South Rivers ; the farmers in these areas produce most of the country’s roots and tubers crops. These hilly areas are prone to soil erosion due to the terrain and heavy rain fall, ECTAD takes a keen interest in the environment and the safety of the farmers.

The ECTAD marketing program has helped the farmers in these areas to reduce hillside slippage and control water flow by implementing a ‘hole’ system where crops are planted in holes on the hillside, instead of the bank system of planting which was used in the past. Especially used by Dasheen/Taro farmers; this system since has also enabled farmers to expend less labor energy while planting and caring for roots and tuber crops which enables them to cultivate more land and therefore produce greater supply than the previously used bank system.

ECTAD also follows up with farmers to ensure any fertilizers and pest control mechanisms used are not harmful to the environment but still aid in producing farmers with quality yields.

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