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Continue on this road past Mount Somers and through the town between Lake Camp and Lake Clearwater. Shortly after passing through the town you will reach the site where you can park.
This Lord of the Rings tour will take you from the capital Wellington to New Zealand’s adventure capital Queenstown. On the way, you will discover captivating scenery, visit unique filming locations, meet characters involved in the making of the films, and experience a whirlwind adventure through Middle-earth.
In a mere 274 days, Peter Jackson was able to film the entire collection of events for Lord of the Rings. After watching the movie, you may think that it doesn't seem like they were all filmed so close together. There are their website (including the extended scenes), so what Peter Jackson accomplished is incredible. Had the movie been shot in multiple countries and not only New Zealand, filming the trilogy so quickly may have been impossible. Despite being filmed over 274 days and the theatrical movies having a cumulative length of 9.2 hours, the journey lasted 18 years.
You can see more photos from my visit to Hobbiton, here. The new Hobbit trilogy required a renewed Hobbiton, and when I first visited Hobbiton, the set had just been entirely rebuilt in order to accommodate the filming of the new Hobbit movies. You can climb Mount Doom / Ngauruhoe, from the car park it is a five to six hour return walk. Be aware though that this is not a simple task – the entire cone is largely constructed of soft ash, so is somewhat akin to climbing a sand dune.
The filming took place on a farm owned by Suzie and Warrick Denize, who have now started a tour company to show people around the filming location. The couple are really passionate about telling their story and the tour through the wild, mossy forest on their farm is pretty cool. If you want to experience the elvish wonder and magic of Rivendell head over to Wellington's Kaitoke Regional Park. It's only a 50 minute drive from downtown Wellington and the park itself contains 250 hectares of elvish forest.
  • We’ve rounded up the top 40 Lord of the Rings filming locations so you don’t miss a thing.
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  • If you walk far enough in and just stop and listen, you'll hear rocks trickling down, seemingly from the sky.

Let alone find more info being a beautiful town; set items can be found in Matamata. While in Matamata, you can find tours and a The Shire Store.
Guided tours depart daily from The Shires Rest and end with a cold drink in a replica of the Green Dragon Inn. You can even watch Hobbiton come to life with twinkling lights as dusk arrives with an evening tour of the set. The Hinuera Valley is probably one of the most recognisable Lord of the Rings filming locations as it provided the backdrop for the home of the Hobbits – The Shire.
See glorious 360-degree images of Hobbiton here. I agree with Claire that Deer Park Heights used to be one of the best locations to visit.

Lord of the Rings Filming Locations

Harcourt Park, Akatarawa Road, Upper Hutt , 20 miles north of Wellington , became’ Isengard’, the realm of the evil Saruman (Christopher Lee), who has an army of Orcs use ropes to pull down trees to fuel his forge (don’t worry, they were old trees shipped in and erected for the movie). In June 2002, the remains of the tree, with bolts still embedded, could still be seen. We do recommend following some GPS locations to reach the right spot on the road to park. Dead Marshes, River Anduin, Nen Hithoel, Fangorn Forest, and South of Rivendell. The filming of Lord of the Rings was still advantageous for New Zealand since the country saw a 40% increase in tourism from the years 2000 to 2006.
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